« How to get rich » – Felix Dennis

This is a book about getting rich. It’s different from any other book on the subject because Felix Dennis made himself rich. Very rich indeed. As a matter of fact, he is one of the richest self-made man in Britain

« Making money is a knack, a knack that can be acquired. And if someone like me can become rich, then so can you – no matter what your present circumstances. Here is how I did it and what I learned along the way. » So writes Felix Dennis, who believes that almost anyone of reasonable intelligence can become rich, given sufficient motivation and application.

How To Get Rich is a distillation of his business wisdom. Primarily concerned with the step-by-step creation of wealth, it ruthlessly dissects the business failures and financial triumphs of ‘a South London lad who became rich virtually by accident’. Part manual, part memoir, part primer, this book is a template for those who are willing to stare down failure and transform their lives.

how-to-get-richHow to get rich doesn’t pull any punches, and shows that the highway to riches is littered with pitfalls, heartbreak and obstacles. But for those with the drive and determination to try, this book provides a witty and authoritative road map. Because making money is a knack. A knack that can be acquired

Canny, infuriating, cynical and generous by turns, How To Get Rich is an invaluable guide to ‘the surprisingly simple art of collecting money which already has your name on it’.

Un livre recommandé par de nombreux investisseurs
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